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                Lights & Lamps

                Collection of exclusive lights by Urelas. The most incredible lighting collection any site has!

                Almora™ 3D Illusion LED Bulbs

                #UrelasExclusive 3D light effects. They shine like a billion stars in the sky!   Unlike traditional incandescent bulb, this bulb casts colorful fireworks ball lights with 3D effect, which can bring gorgeous visual effects to your home, party and wedding, etc. NO UV or IR radiation, No flash and electronic noise, it's environmental friendly and eye protected, avoiding damage from radiation,...
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                Almora™ 2 - 3D LED Air Diffuser (Ultrasonic)

                #OnlyOnUrelas The most beautiful addition to your home.  3D Glass Cover: We designed the Almora 2 with a stylish 3D glass cover which illuminates reflecting, LED lightshow! Illuminated with 7 color modes that rotate and change their colors periodically. 7 COLOR MODES & AUTOMATIC TIMER: The premium Fish Kiss Essential Oil Diffuser illuminates 7 different colors that automatically rotate, unless you set the mode on your favorite...
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                Saturneo™ - The Original 3D Saturn Lamp

                #OnlyOnUrelas A planet 745 million miles away, right in front of your eyes!   Few of us will ever have the chance to visit outer space, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring space to us! And what better way to do that than with these beautiful and enchanting, Saturneo, the Original Saturn Lamp. Saturneo is a highly detailed imitation of Saturn, we've even...
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                Plutoless™ - 3D Solar System Crystal Ball (RGB)

                #OnlyOnUrelas And we literally brought the solar system to you. Experience the solar system like never before with Plutoless, it gives you a 360° view of the beautiful solar system with extreme detail, designed by Patrick Altair. It creates a highly realistic view of the planets, including Earth, all labeled with a beautiful white engraving. When a light is placed below it,...
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                Yelfy - 3D Colorful Galaxy Lamp (with Free Base)

                #OnlyOnUrelas Turn dull nights into magical experiences! Few of us will ever have the chance to visit outer space, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring space to us! And what better way to do that than with these beautiful and enchanting Yelfy 3D lamps.   Add a little bit of magic to every room at night while you're reading...

                Feathersy - Feather Pendant Light (Lampshade)

                The coolest French thing we've ever seen. An elegant statement of eye-catching, architectural design, featuring a fluffy feather design with a seamless array of light. In modern spaces, the Feathersy adds other-wordly style. Inspired by world-renowned French lighting designer Thierry Vidé's design, Feathersy is designed as a minimal piece that would grab the attention of anyone who walked into the...
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                LevMoon™ - Levitating Moon Lamp

                Free 10-day delivery available to US, Australia, Spain, Russia & Germany. Introducing the LevMoon - levitating moon lamp by Urelas. This is the most unique and eye attracting product on our website today. Using state of the art magnetic levitation technology this lamp shines that much more.  Features ✅3D Printing Technology - Moon like surface precisely created through astronomical date. The texture...

                Estrix™ Wireless Charger with Detachable Light

                #OnlyOnUrelas World's first wireless fast charger with smart detachable magnetic lamp. We made a wireless charging pad with a night light. The light uses our patented 'dot-charge' technology to align and charge itself. It's detachable & can be removed from the charge pad as required, and switches color temperature between warm white and white. Technical specifications: Manufacturer: Urelas/Yeelight/XiaomiShell Color: WhiteMaterial: ABS+PCBattery: 500mAh...

                Algol™ Detachable Smart Light

                Introducing Algol™ - World's first portable light with infrared movement sensors Not found anywhere else - a Urelas exclusive. The base can be rotated, even if it is pasted freely, the night light can be returned to the vertical after being adjusted by hand Built-in 500mAh lithium battery, after charging, night light can run in AUTO mode for 4-6 months...