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LumiTape™ - Luminous Tape 10m / 33 ft


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Here is a magic luminous tape self-adhesive wall sticker. Its light is soft, not dazzling. With it, no need to turn on the light, you can get up to toilet at night easily, also suitable for kid's living room decoration, low-carbon and energy-saving, very practical. Of course, it could be used as free-stickers or home decor materials too. It's ideal for car safety decoration.

Main Features:

● Glow in the dark after fully absorbing light ( any kind of light ). After 10 - 30 mins absorbing light, the sticker can glow for 6 hours at most. 

● Self-adhesive design, can be stuck directly.

● Waterproof surface PVC material. 

● You need to install it on flat and smooth material surface, such as tile, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, etc.


Whole unfolding length: 10m / 32.8 ft

Width: 1cm / 1.2 cm / 1.5cm 

Unfolding thickness: 0.04cm

Folding diameter: 9cm

Folding thickness: 0.5cm



● Without absorbing light, the stickers will not be luminous. If you want it glow in the dark, let it absorb enough light for few minutes. Then placing it in the dark, it will emit soft light ( the more time it absorbs light, the longer time it will glow ).

● Before you install it, please clean the surface for getting better pasting effect.

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