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  • Happy Anus Mug - Urelas
  • Happy Anus Mug - Urelas
  • Happy Anus Mug - Urelas

Happy Anus Mug


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It's not a real anus, it's a travel mug.

This creepy smiling mug is the ideal travel tumbler to make smile young and old alike!

Fill this insulated mug with your favorite drink to replenish energy throughout the day. Just, don't hump it.

Twisting Happy Anus Mug

Close it when you don't use it, wipe it when it gets dirty, eat it when you like tasty!

The only mug that smiles!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tight like a tiger

My butthole mug safely saves my morning coffee until I decide I want to dump it into my face. I give it a twist, sometimes while massaging its adorable bullet hole, and it opens thirstily, gaping to exchange fluids with me. A daily delight that is functional too--the seal is so impressive when I tightened it down on my finger it left a little bruise around the knuckle. Oh, memories. A++ would do again

Very helpful!

Hey guys I've received my product and I've also made a review video but I don't know how to post it here. Can someone from Urelas please help? Thanks & btw the mug is truly amazing.